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Why are we different and what do we offer?

We are not charging more for the same services. There are a number of misconceptions with regard to broadband, in particular with regard to BT's role - many people still think of BT as one big company rather than the multi-headed monster it now is. To clarify the situation it is necessary to understand the differences between BT Wholesale and BT Retail. When ADSL was first rolled out in the UK, Ofcom recognised that because BT owned all the exchanges it had an effective monopoly and therefore in order to provide a more level playing field, BT were told they had to have a seperate company that provided wholesale ADSL to all retail providers, including BT themselves, at the same price. This should mean that the basic charge paid to BT Wholesale should be roughly the same for everybody, although allowing for slightly better pricing to the bigger players.

Recognise there are no free lunches! If the basic product costs roughly the same then differences in cost have to be accounted for by cost cutting by the 'cheap' providers in order to still make a profit. The means by which they do this are many, but all will be at the cost of performance and reliability. Whilst the average home user may feel the compromise is acceptable, most businesses would rather pay a little more for a much better service. Example broadband packages are available here

If you are serious about your business broadband internet connection then contact us for a quotation.

More importantly, we also believe that we provide very good support - ask our existing customers!