Making IT work for you
Staxford Villa

Most larger companies now have their own in-house IT support. Smaller companies unfortunately cannot afford this luxury but still require ongoing support to ensure their systems function efficiently.

Whatever the size of the business, we now all rely very heavily on computers and electronic communication - email and web access. If your IT is not working then the likelihood is that neither is your business. Most companies have computerised accounting and stock control, as well as the requirement to produce documents like quotations and drawings. Many have no manual systems to fall back on.

Whilst most companies will have someone in-house capable of providing IT first-aid - for example unjamming a printer or swapping a coffee covered keyboard - what happens when more serious knowledge is required? That is where we can help. With over 25 years of computer experience, especially networking, we can provide the support your company needs to back up your in-house team.

If you would like to discuss your requirements further then please contact us. We can provide anything from basic adhoc support and handholding to scheduled maintenance agreements.

We are able to provide site references and referees. Our customer base is drawn almost entirely from referrrals from existing clients - so we must be doing something right. See what our clients say about us.