Making IT work for you
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Most larger companies now have in-house IT support. Smaller companies unfortunately cannot afford this luxury but still require ongoing support to ensure their systems function efficiently.

We are able to offer cost effective and knowledgeable IT support to your in-house 'first aiders' and can tailor this to your requirements.

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It seems that everybody is now offering broadband internet access, all trying to attract users with lower and lower prices. Even supermarkets have joined in. So why are we different?

We believe that as companies come to rely on broadband for the efficient running of their business, they are not concerned with obtaining the cheapest price but in getting the best service.

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We are computer networking specialists. Any company with more than one computer should be networking their computers to get the most out of their investment, however a poor network will be an expensive and frustrating waste of money.

We know networks - we have been doing it for over 25 years. Let us help you get the best out of your network.

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Efficient use of the Internet is now very important.

Corporate email solutions are one of the biggest benefits to come from the internet, however as companies come to rely on email, often they find that their email is unreliable. We understand email.

Corporate web sites can bring in a lot of extra business if done properly. Alternatively they can be a totally wasted asset.

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