Making IT work for you
Staxford Villa

These are the minimum service levels you can expect from us. If you feel we have not met these please contact us.

Webhosting and Email

  • 99.9% availability (unless due to events outside our control). All services are hosted on clustered servers with automatic failover.
  • Backup - we will only hold a full backup of email and websites for 24 hours. You are responsible for more comprehensive backups.
  • You can expect a quick response to any queries - ideally phone us or for email usually 4 hours with a maximum of 24 hours.

Broadband Services

  • We are resellers for Entanet and IDNet broadband services and whilst we will do everything within our power to help with queries or problems, ultimately the responsibility for the service lies with the provider. We are however your first port of call for complaints.
  • Problems with equipment and services not provided by us (e.g. telephone lines) must be addressed to the relevant provider.

Domain Services

  • We will register domains on your behalf but ultimately the responsibilty for the domain registration lies with the Registrar. We will endeavour to assist where we can should there be any queries or disputes.
  • We will ensure that where instructed your domain(s) will be automatically renewed and any complaints regarding the domain (e.g. abuse) will be dealt with on your behalf.
  • You will always own your domain and may transfer it to another provider at any time.